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Seeking Massage Therapists.

If you practice massage therapy in Whatcom County I would like the chance to visit with you.

I have built a beautiful new facility in Lynden opened in June 2009 where I practice massage therapy as well as Pilates & Yoga.

It is my hope and one of my long term goals to be able to provide the communities we all live in with the opportunity to receive massage therapy. Of course you do too but, in particular, for those populations of people in our community that may be in the greatest need and are so often underserved by our skills often because of financial considerations.

Where I went to school (British Columbia) we hosted several specialized “clinics”. Our most popular was a weekly clinic held for people with Multiple Sclerosis. These people could sign-up to come in for massage therapy at a deeply discounted rate ($10 for 60 minutes !). We also held clinics for a number of other special needs as well – the MS clinic though was the longest and most successful of its kind – over 20 years!

This allowed students to practice our skills with specialized populations of people but more importantly serve those with a chronic progressively debilitating disease to better manage their condition through access to regular massage therapy.

I would love the opportunity to share with you the many many stories shared by those MS patients that provided me with such personal encouragement and affirmation.

My hope is that we, as massage therapists, can come together and host regular “clinics” (or whatever we might decide to call them) to serve this and other segments of the population with our skills in a way that will allow them access to us – that might not otherwise be possible.

Here is what I am trying to develop and need your help with;

Provide a regular – maybe 1-2 times per month - “clinic” where several of us are there ready and willing to provide our skills for a deep discount. Ideally they would sign-up ahead of time but that will take time and initially I would expect they would need to just “show-up” and as the word spreads – and word WILL spread fast- we would initially be treating whomever shows up. Because MS patients often have assistive devices 60 minutes can go very fast. The MS population in Whatcom County is, from what I understand, from attending a seminar SIGNIFICANT!

For example:

Every 1st and 3rd Tuesday from 4-6 PM we hold an MS clinic. For $x dollars (we can decide this collectively) we invite those people with Multiple Sclerosis in for a 30-60 minute treatment.

What I will give:

  • I will donate the use of my facility – including washer & dryer - for no charge.
  • My time to treat clients for whatever $ we agree on- but if you come to contribute to these clinics I would work only if no other therapist is available. In other words, I would be sure you work first before I work myself.
  • I will provide refreshments’ for the therapists who are treating clients.
  • During this clinic I will display your business cards/flyers and put links on my website to your website or contact information if you don’t have a website so others can find you later.

What you will get:

  • The opportunity to give back to your community.
  • The opportunity to make - at least some – money.
  • The opportunity to develop and/or share your skills in working with a special population of our community..
  • The opportunity to promote yourself to these people but also their caregivers and family who learn about you through this clinic.

What you will need:

  • Your table and one or maybe more sets of sheets if you can.
  • A willing and patient attitude. In the 1 ½ years I worked in our MS clinic at school, I found a wide range of needs and personalities in this population of people. Some clients were labeled “difficult patients” only for me to discover that when you patiently and respectfully treated them they responded accordingly. But lets face it – people with mobility limitations and long-term pain can be more challenging to serve. So I won’t promise it will be always be a positive experience. That said – some of my most memorable and deeply gratifying treatment experiences were with our MS clinic. I very much looked forward to serving these deeply underserved and challenged people.
  • The willingness to share with our other therapist ways you know/develop to treat the various conditions clients present to you.
  • If you are not confident in providing treatment to this population of people, then all you need is a willingness to meet, prior to each “clinic” session to review and practice is you so desire – those techniques that will best serve MS patients. I am certain you already possess those skills and with little if any review will feel confident in providing this service to MS clients. I am most willing to share what I know that has worked for me.

Why am I doing this? Because I have a heart for those in need as I am sure you do as well and have been blessed with the opportunity to be able to give in this way and am so very willing to help you promote yourself through this effort!

I look forward to taking a bit of time to chat with you about this and other ideas that you might have. I know massage therapists are a wealth of ideas and I am sure you have creative ideas on what might work to bring our skills to our communities. EVEN IF YOU HAVE BEEN A THERAPIST FOREVER Please – I ask you to come and contribute your many years of knowledge and experience to this endeavor.

Last but not least – I would love the opportunity to have our “own” time together where we can share ideas on how we care for ourselves and maybe even get together as a group once in a while and treat each others forarms, shoulder and low backs – you know what you need!

Please call or email me and I will begin to share with other fellow therapist until such a time as we can get one or two ideas off the ground.

Thank-you! Kim Koruga-Vlas

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