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What Can I expect from my first visit for massage?

A massage therapy session can lass anywhere from 30-90 minutes depending on how much time you choose to schedule. Your first treatment at our facility will begin with:

  • Filling out a brief history and medical intake forms. Very similar to what you might expect from any other healthcare practitioner, like a doctor or chiropractor for example.
  • Each subsequent visit we provide you with the opportunity to update any relevant information that may have changed since your last visit.

As with any other healthcare provider, any information you provide us is protected under the HIPAA privacy rule. HIPAA- Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (Privacy Rule).

Then we will take your back to one of our two treatment rooms.

  • We perform a brief assessment - based on the reason you came in for massage therapy.

For example, if your primary reason(s) for seeking massage therapy is to relax, then our assessment might center around a few questions with regard to your current stress level. If your primary reason is related to pain, for example low back pain or wrist pain, then our assessment might center around range of motion tests to determine those structures or muscles possibly involved in your cycle of pain (link) or tension


  • We explain what kind of massage therapy work we will be doing, discuss the areas of the body we will be working on then ask for your permission to proceed.
  • When you are ready to get on the massage therapy table for your treatment we explain to you what position we would like you to be in on the table. For pregnancy massage or other considerations we may treat you lying on your side. Often we begin with you laying face down and part way through your treatment we have you turn over. We can also treat you in our massage therapy chair, or seated on our massage therapy table. For sports massage we often move you around a bit more than with other work and so would provide you (or ask you to bring) shorts & a sports bra for females
  • Before we begin treatment, once we step out of the room, you may remove your clothing as previously discussed and get onto the massage therapy table. Any/all covering needed to maintain modesty and privacy are provided at all times.
  • Depending on the type of work we will be doing some patients/clients prefer to leave their undergarments on, other prefer not to. You may remove what you are comfortable with and we will work around your preferences.
  • We will give you some time to get on the table and if you are mobility impaired and request our assistance, with your permission, we will help you. We always knock before we re-enter the room to be sure you are ready for us to come back in.

During Treatment:

  • When we begin treatment we will take a few moments to adjust any pillows, bolsters, coverings, music or room temperature to be sure you feel secure and comfortable.
  • If you are new to massage, or just new to us, we will establish a "comfort scale" that helps you communicate to us what the right amount of pressure we use. As always, you have control at all times and can communicate an increase or decrease in pressure as desired to make your treatment most suitable for you.

All done:

  • When we have completed our massage therapy treatment we let you know we are done and explain that we will step out of the room while you redress and get situated.
  • Before we reenter the room we knock to be sure you are ready for us to come back in.
  • Once you are redressed and we come back in we then take a few minutes to discuss the treatment. You can ask us any questions you might have and we will briefly discuss our prospective on your treatment and offer "homecare tips" if appropriate. Homecare tips are stretches, exercise or movement modifications we believe are suited to supporting the work you just had. For example, if you came in with neck pain and in the course of our work in that region of your body we determined there were muscles that needs some stretching we would explain those stretches to you.
  • At that time, if need be, you may book another appointment or call at a later date.

Open Monday through Friday, 10 am to 4 pm, after hours by appointment.

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